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  About us

The Ocean Dream team members come from different backgrounds, bringing together diverse skill sets. We all have a genuine interest in the Red Sea and in providing our clients with the best live-aboard experience.

  Our Team

Salah El Menshawi  -General Manager / Operation

Salah . has over 15 Years experience in Boats and live-aboard safaris. he has extensive knowledge in diving the Red Sea.

He also has experience in boat building and maintenance. He looks after Ocean Dream maintenance as well as building new boats. He also manages the Ocean Dream workshop in dry dock. .

Chris Scotte - UK Operator
Chris has more than 25 years of experience in managing Diving Centers in Sharm El Sheikh and UK, he is the main operator for Ocean Dream  for UK market
He also doing PADI E-Learning Courses.

  e- mail    :  scottassociates@hotmail.co.uk  


 Vicente Vila     -      Espanish  & Portugal operator

  Vicente is the director of DAHAB TRAVEL  from Spain and Portugal, he is the main operator for OCEAN DREAM for the     exclusivity  Spanish   market , 

web dagab travel :     www.dahabtravelbuceo.com

        suny travel    :      www.sunytravel.com                            

                contact  :



    mobile phone    :     vicente vila        616 . 443 . 382  


Vladimir  Zivna       -     Russian &  Slovak operator

                                        Vladimir has more than 18 years of experience as an instructor in Sharm Elshiekh ,maneging diving center &safari boats  and  he is the main operator for the Russian UKR  market  for Ocean Dream .

     contact           :

              email      ;  vzivna@gmail.com

             mob      : + 20109 7449607              ( Egypt)

                              :  +79160 576 777